Friday, September 9, 2016

*In Store Report* WW and AG Mega Bloks - TRU

We went to our local Toys R Us to see the Wellie Wishers. 

This is the display at our store. When you walk into the store, it is the 3rd aisle, right next to the Journey Girls. They are at the beginning or end. When we were there, a store employee, was putting Journey Girls accessories on the shelving that is at the end of the aisle facing the main aisle.  On the very top shelf, was the dollhouse. 

The dolls are $59.99, backpack $ 44.99, accessories $24.99, Rabbit $ 42.99, and the new outfits $27.99. The new outfits are the only outfits in our Toys R Us. So most items are a penny cheaper, and the outfits are almost a $1 more. The brush is also available there for $7.99.  
As we browsed some more, we found the AG Mega Bloks. 

We went to another store, it is a department store with grocery, like a Super Target.  The AG Mega Bloks came to the shelves during the summer. They also had them on sale. 

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