Tuesday, September 13, 2016

*In Store Report* WellieWishers & JG - TRU (Video)

I stopped into TRU to see the WW. They said they have had them four weeks, but put them out ten days ago. Also said they are not selling well.

New LE Celebration Collection JG Doll Set $99.99.

In Store Footage


  1. I agree that the Wellie Wishers are surprisingly small. I think 5 to 7 year olds might be frustrated with the small clothes and shoes. Madelon

  2. We love the WellieWishers because we love American Girl Brand Doll, if they had of been in Toys R Us we would have left all 4 of them on the shelf for something better and cheaper. We experienced very bad, service at Toys are Us on (Big Purchases). Their Customer Service in My opinion, based on my experiences have been horrible. We make it a point not to shop at Toys R Us because of this and We don't recommend them to anyone for anything. I have mafe purchases there for computers for Grandson's and all the Ride on's for My Daughter plus much more, I wanted to love them, when My Daughter was born, but they drove me away, with their lack of concern and poor service. The customer service is a call center and they don't resolve issue's, just take phone calls.