Thursday, September 1, 2016

*In Store Report* TM and BF - AGP Chicago

Claudia has a second look at the TM and BF launch for us.


Thank you Claudia!!!!


  1. Nice pictures Claudia! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great pictures!! Sharon

  3. Thank you for sharing! Did you also see Maryellen's holiday cookie set? Do you know if the box for the cookie cutters is plastic or cardboard?

  4. I ordered the Maryellen holiday cookie set and the box for the cookie cutter is cardboard. The tray is metal and the glass of milk is adorable with a straw that moves to position. The apron is cute. The one thing that I would warn you about is how HUGE the cookies and cutters are! Especially the reindeer and the snowman (I will not display these two). If you lay the reindeer and snowman flat on the "lap tray" they take up the entire tray!! The reindeer is 3 times the size of the glass of milk! If you use any AG doll plate I would say the reindeer cookie would be over all sides! I do not know what they were thinking! Even their regular holiday cookie set has much smaller cookies. I kept the set because the whole idea of 50's Christmas is dear to me, but I won't be using all of it! Sharon

    1. Thanks Sharon! That's good to know. I was hoping the box would be plastic; the kids would destroy the cardboard quickly. That's kind of crazy about the size of the cookies. 1950s Santa must have been hungry! ;) Since you know how the cookies compare between Maryellen's set and the TM holiday set, what did you think of TM set? I liked both sets but am partial to Maryellen's set because my daughter has been collecting her.

  5. I went there on Friday! Thanks for the photos, it's so fun. :)
    <3 , IrishAG