Sunday, September 18, 2016

*In Store Report* AGP Houston

It was magical to see two African American Girl dolls. I just loved seeing Melody and Addy together in The American Girl Historical Beforever lineup. 

We had a wonderful time. The entire store is absolutely fabulous. 

We love the holiday items.

Here is our #58 getting a "faux hawk" at the American Girl Salon.

We were blessed by Cindy, a LADL Contributor from Kansas (Thank you Cindy) with an E-gift card to get Bo, Melody's Dog as a back go school gift for Hope-Faith. Bo, IS a girl DOG at our house. Melody's suitcase was an absolute must have, so we grabbed it too.

We got her an adorable hair bow from Walmart for only $2.50


  1. You share the sweetest photos Maxine! I love that the stylist is sporting a similar hairstyle and seems to really be enjoying giving it to the doll.

    1. She did a outstanding job, but said it was challenging. Thank you for all Your Kindness and encouragement.

  2. Melody looks so cute. Love the ribbon.

  3. It is nice to see two African American BeForever. We will be sad if Addy is archived.

  4. Love seeing your beautiful daughter enjoy the American Girl store! Madelon

  5. So wonderful. I love Bo's bow!


  6. Have a great new school year Hope Faith! I haven't been to AGP Houston for so long. It is great to see the pictures you post! Thank you!