Wednesday, September 21, 2016

*In Store Report* AGP Boston

Visiting friends when in Boston. Snagged pictures of the new displays. Love my hometown DC store, but Boston also had very nice displays. Closely becoming another favorite for me.

I purchased this outfit.

I purchased this new outfit for Josefina.


  1. Love the Dog Halloween outfit. Was that an outfit they had for sale?

    1. I think it is a craft that they offer. They did a couple last year at the DC store...a haunted house craft and a bat.

  2. Thank you. Like you I love seeing all the new things that are doll related. American Girl stores are a treat for me and I like to see the seasonal displays and get ideas for doll setups since I collect mostly in the hopes of passing on this family tradition of doll collecting. My favorite doll in the store is Truly Me 56 with all of her curls and the pretty gold outfit. It does have a name, but I will review it closer to the holidays. Toys R Us will not display the TM or Wellie Wishers the same way AG will which is okay because that is the business of the contracts and it's business of work. But for me, as long as their are stores I will provide ad many pictures as I can for those of us who love dolls and the companies that make them.

  3. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Madelon