Tuesday, September 27, 2016

DIY - OG Fashion Accessory - Kite Tails - Craft/Modifcation

 I modified our kite so that it would look like it is flying. 

Here is Kit getting ready to fly her kite. 

This is how I modified the kite, for kite flying.
I used a white pipe cleaner. Maybe white floral wire would also work. 

I started at the rolled string end and wrapped the pipe cleaner around, making sure to tuck the pipe cleaner end, so that the wire end isn’t exposed. 

Next I wrapped it once or twice around the kite string. I made sure the pipe cleaner was straight, no slack. 

Then, I wrapped it around the kite poles. Make sure you tuck the end of the pipe cleaner so the end isn’t exposed. 

Here is Kit flying her kite. 
It is a nice windy day for kite flying. 


  1. Very cute Renee! Renee is my daughter's middle name and today is her birthday😊

    1. Happy Birthday to your daughter. My birthday was the day before. - Renee

  2. That is a cute idea, Renee! Madelon

  3. Great way to go. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great idea!!!! Sharon