Thursday, August 4, 2016

*REVIEW* Samantha's BeForever Flower Picking Dress

Thank you Linda for sending me Sam's flowering picking dress. I never thought of getting it for Nellie, but it looks wonderful on her!

A pale pink dress featuring a fold-over collar with frilly lace trim, a satin waistband with a side bow, and a printed sprinkling of dark-pink flowers.

    I paired it with the special day dress headband.

    Nellie is a beauty in this cotton dress.

    The set is currently on sale - at the time of this post. I recommend it for sure!


    1. Beautiful dress on Samantha, but I love how it looks on Nellie. It really brings out the color of her strawberry blond hair. Thank you for debuting it on Nellie. She is such a pretty doll. Missed the chance to grab her when she was available for a good price and her small collection especially her little faux porcelain doll. That was so nice of Linda to send such a beautiful dress.

    2. I bought it on sale myself and its so gorgeous!!!

    3. So pretty! Now I want to get it for my Nellie!