Sunday, August 21, 2016

*Reader Photos* Katherine Kruse Doll

I am looking at other doll manufacturers and came across this little guy. He is adorable.

 The box he came in is a pretty pink and white striped box. The tags are in mostly German. 

Squeezable, soft body with  cloth like hands that match the kind of material on his body. Sleeper is attached to body cannot be removed.  Bib and bonnet can be removed. The head and face are not cloth, but a type of vinyl. Face paint is very detailed and is my favorite part of the doll. 

Help LADL! Having a hard time choosing a name. I am thinking Nicholas, Kristof or Kristoffer.  Which one should I choose?
Beautiful doll if you are looking for a cute, baby boy.


  1. What a unique and lovely doll. I like the name Kristoffer, personally. :)