Wednesday, August 24, 2016

*NEWS* Melody Ellison Launch Coverage

LADL will have In Store reports from the following locations and reporters!

AGP Boston: Maria
AGP Chicago: Claudia
AGP DC: Madelon
AGP Houston: Maxine 
AGP Miami: Diana 
AGP Nashville: Shelly
AGP NYC: Michelle
AGP Scottsdale: Shosy

Reporting begins when doors open!


  1. Looking forward to seeing them all! April

  2. Stayed up to midnight to see if the items would get posted online. There are three items listed as 'no longer available'. electric piano, girl's blue shirt and girls pleated skort. Maybe those will change by morning?? Maybe they will be in-store? Hoping the the piano will be in store, my girls think it is really cool. Plan on going to the store tomorrow, for the Melody event. We can't wait! Also looking forward to the pictures that all of you share. Thanks