Wednesday, August 31, 2016

*NEWS* Mattel’s American Girl to Be Sold at Toys ‘R’ Us

Per a previous post, it appears the RUMOR is true.

Mattel Inc. on Wednesday said it would begin selling its American Girl products in select Toys “R” Us Inc. locations, extending the iconic doll brand’s reach beyond its novelty stores.

The partnership, which boosts the brands store base nearly sixfold, will make Toys “R” Us the only U.S.-based retailer to feature American Girl shop-in-shops in some stores. American Girl products are currently only available in 20 proprietary U.S. stores and online. 

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  1. Finally buying products in a store whenever I want without driving three hours, even though its only TM and Wellies, has come to reality. Sure lots of people will complain, but they forget some of us can't go to the store but once a year, and don't always want to pay shipping. Toys R Us appears to be selling things close to the same price as AG, so its a wonderful opportunity! I'm especially happy for my cousin who lives over 4 hours a way from the AG store.

  2. This makes me sad. If Truly Me dolls and accessories aren't selling well to their target customers in the AG stores and on the AG website, how does bringing it to a big box store make it sell better. Will American Girl be selling different "exclusive" items at Toys r Us as the article says? what is Toys r Us cut in this? Will AG drop its price in Toys r Us? It will be interesting to see the ripple effect of this. Hopefully, they will sell at 5O percent off the AG price as that is what I expect when I shop at Toys r Us. Madelon

    1. I agree Madelon. My local TRU has toys that were sold years ago. I find that I can always find any items cheaper than TRU, unless it is an exclusive item, and they hardly ever mark it down. The store itself is junky, floors aren't clean, the design itself is from the early years, when TRU first came into existence. I very rarely buy anything from them because of their pricing, and just the junky feel of the store. If you want a to see what the ripple effect is, look at FAO Schwartz. In our TRU store, when TRU bought them out, they were prominently displayed toward the front of the store in the first aisle, lost of different toys. Now, our TRU only sells FAO Schwartz stuffed animals placed toward the back of the store.
      Glad that it brings the products closer, but these retailers sell cheaper quality products, most likely making a bigger profit margin. People have to realize that the customers of those stores, like Madelon said, are going to want the AG products at a reduced price. So why doesn't AG just reduce the price, more sales?? They are trying to run AG like it is Mattel, and that is wrong, because they are two different business. Mattel is sold at a cheap price, all plastic, cheap quality fabric used for the clothes, etc. So different from AG.

    2. The Wellie Wishers cost $1 more at TRU than at the AG store. There is no way the Truly Me products would be offered at deep discounts at TRU.

  3. As someone who has never been to an AG store because it's so far away, this is very exciting. I'm so excited to be able to hand pick a Wellie Wisher and my favorite TM dolls. I know it takes away from the "magic" of going to a real AG store, but it does make it much more accessible for those of us that can't get there. I agree, though, that ultimately bringing down the prices across the board might've made more sense. Or at the very least, offer free shipping over $100.

  4. Is everyone forgetting these dolls are also sold at the navy exchange? That doesn't "cheapen" the brand though? Lol people just want something to get alt heir panties in a bunch over haha