Monday, August 22, 2016

*NEWS* LADL - Enhancements

LADL will soon be closing in on another a gift to readers, the blog will be making changes to better serve the doll community. Expect to see special features, more history and a spotlight focus on collections in a simple, structured format.

As always, continued favorites will include:
In Store Reports
Product Reviews
Doll News
DIY Projects / Crafts
Doll Travels

All features can be accessed via the Top Tab Menu or Right Side Bar.

In addition to the LADL team, you will see more In Store Reporting from LADL team of field reporters.

LADL is a friendly, supportive community for doll collectors in 31 countries + USA. We are here to help answer questions, bring you up to the minute info and share the love of doll collecting.

Chat. Share. Inquire.
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  1. I truly appreciate all the hard work that u and your staff of helpers do
    I am an older woman who has always loved dolls my whole life and look so forward to your daily updates
    Thank you so very

  2. Sounds great! I absolutely love in-store reports, as I am on the other side of the globe and need to live vicariously through you all. Thanks to the whole team for all your effort. April

  3. Thank you Rhonda for all you do for the doll community. I am honored to be part of this team and as also support the fantastic doll fans with pictures of beautiful dolls and unexpected surprises that pop up in the stores. Have a great day doll fans!

  4. Stopping by to share some LOVE! The updates look great! Thank you for this wonderful community and all the work you put towards all this FUN!