Sunday, August 7, 2016

*NEWS* AG Trademarked New Character Name

In a previous post, a possible character was mentioned as could be a code name. Nanea is more than likely the true character name.

Link: Madelon


  1. Pretty name. Very original yet classic like Nan or Nanette. Cannot wait to see and find out more!

  2. So excited for a Hawaiian character!!!

  3. So Excited!!! I sold my Kanani last year so I'm very happy I can replace her soon, hopefully with a brown eyed version.

    I'm more excited for her than Tenny. I think I'm going to love Tenny, but I hope not because I'd like to limit myself to just getting Nanea next year.

    I'm readying myself to not like the new GOTY. Nanea and possibly Tenny are priority.

    Thanks for the scoop Rhonda!!! You're my fave AG Blog on the web!!! Xoxo ^_~

  4. Where did you hear the rumor that she will be a 1940s character Rhonda? I asked on the last page, but I'll ask here on the current page. Was it from a worker?

    Nanea was not a common name in the 1940s and started being used as a first name first recorded in the 1990s. It was most popular in 2005. Mitchell was also not a common surname. Nanea is also the name of an African stream in Mozambique. Perhaps this can be in relation to GOTY of color next year?

    Or she could be the name of one of the contemporary characters coming out. We're still not sure if they are coming with dolls like the Girls of Many Lands did.

    I would just really like to know where the rumors are coming from.

  5. She's definitely not a Japanese Hawaiian girl. Usually a Japanese Hawaiian girl has a Japanese first name or last name. She seems to be Hawaiian mixed with caucasian.

    Here's for hoping she is not in the 1940s...