Thursday, August 25, 2016

*In Store Report* WW, BB and TM New Releases - AGP Nashville

Shelly is at the Nashville store. Here's the report on WW, BB and TM new releases.

Thank you Shelly!


  1. The salon background -
    1. Did anyone notice that on the wall...the clock, shelf and floor display are all fro Grace's bakery.
    2. Online it looks like there is a table, with a purple phone like Julie's yellow phone. I don't recognize that table anything already issued. Could that be something coming out in the future, along with the hair dryer chair?
    3. In the online photo next to the hair drying chair, it looks like there is a table or something that the hand held hair dryer is sitting on, is that part of the background photo?
    4. The online photo looks like the two dolls in the hair styling chair are real, but looks like they are just in the background photo.

    Thanks for all the wonderful photos. Super excited! Some many things that we'd love to have.

    1. The table looks like the base, painted black, that held up the pet wash tub. They probably just painted Julie's yellow phone purple, too.

    2. Can't remember whose picture showed it more clearly, but I think the table holding the hair dryer is the backside of Grace's floor display repainted, so it's prob'ly part of the background.

    3. Huh... it looks like all of the dolls and their props are part of the scene.

  2. Everything looks so cute! Madelon

  3. What I'm wondering is: in the Hair Salon Scene, from what set do the Styling Gel tubes (in Grace's floor display case) and Conditioner bottles (in Grace's wall cabinet) come?