Monday, August 29, 2016

*In Store Report* Melody's New Years Eve Outfit - AGP Atlanta

I asked Diana to get closer photos of this adorable outfit!

Look at her awesome travel essentials set!

Thanks Diana!

Well...what did everyone buy from Melody's collection??


  1. Melody's second book was top on my list. Need to get these outfits and travel set. This collection is fast becoming one of my favorites.

  2. anyone see problem with melody eye my medoly has the white showing under her left eye?

  3. We got Melody,her Accessories.The Recording Studio, Melody's Bed,Piano,Microphone, Pj's for the Girl and Doll. And Melody's Meet Outfit for Hope-Faith. We went two times, Thursday and Saturday. Love Melody.

  4. The only thing I bought was her microphone - I liked that it was metal and good quality. We had a lot of fun playing with the sound buttons. We can use it with all the dolls. We also like the bingo set but feel it is overpriced - will wait for a sale! Sharon

  5. So far, I have only bought Melody and her hairpiece, but I want it all! Madelon