Sunday, August 14, 2016

*Feature* Julie Goes to Camp

- Ticia


  1. This Blog is great! Do you have a Youtube channel?

  2. That was a nice story. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Ariel2Belle. I thought about what a lot of you said about the books and what inspired you to collect. This was my version of wanting to do more with each character and still learn more about the National Parks. It bothered me that Lea's story could have made that front and center. Maybe this will encourage others to go beyond AG books with their doll's character background. AG has such a good starting point for readers that at times it can be limiting and leave holes where readers want more information. This is such a great platform to gather ideas. Its nice to have a blog like this that makes that possible. Also thanks Rhonda for the opportunity.

  3. I believe Rhonda does have a YouTube channel. That is how I discovered Living A Dolls Life. I saw her video of Kirsten coming home from the hospital. I kept watching it and that's how I found this blog.

  4. Julie is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.