Wednesday, August 31, 2016

*FEATURE* A 60s Summer - AG Dolls Dos Curly Ponytails

American girl sells the Dolls Dos Curly Ponytails and other hair styling sets.  Usually these sets are not always featured on the dolls, but I bought a few just to see how they worked.

Many famous women in the 60s wore hair extensions like Barbara Steisand, Diana Ross, Cher and Elizabeth Taylor just to name a few. However, with Melody and her Aunt Tish, they may have a few looks that involve these AG curly ponytails. 

Here is a look at the set called Adorable Accents for Your Doll. I also used my Truly Me 46 for this review as she looks like Melody without bangs and her hair is curly underneath.  Although I have to say that the ponytail still works well with her wig.

Set comes with instructions for braiding, 2 pink and 2 red mesh material  scrunchies, 2 purple star clips with ribbon, 2 pink star clips with ribbon, 4 red ouch less hair elastics, a small bag of purple rubber bands for styling, and a variety of pink, red and purple star hair clips. You get a lot with this set and it tends to be overlooked in stores as it is a store exclusive.

This set would be perfect in recreating Tish's hair salon with Melody as her best client before solo practice. 

My Truly Me 46 is modeling two curly ponytail hair extensions with the hair accessories. The hair on the curly ponytails are better quality I feel than the one I bought two years ago Cyber Monday, so AG may be using a different type of manufacturer this time around. The hair feels a bit more silky and easier to manage with less tangles and flyaways.

- Ticia