Monday, August 15, 2016

*FEATURE* A 60s Summer - 1968

Cost of Living 1968

Average Cost of new house $14,950.00  Average Income per year $7,850.00  
Average Monthly Rent $130.00  
Gas per Gallon 34 cents 
Average Cost of a new car $2,822.00 
 Movie Ticket $1.50 
The Federal Hourly Minimum Wage is $1.60 an hour

1968 In both Europe and America Japanese imported cars and other goods were continuing to rise and trouble the governments of UK and USA as they worried about industries in their own countries being effected and jobs lost. 

In the spring of 1968 on 4th April The Rev Martin Luther King was assassinated and Robert Kennedy was mortally wounded when he is shot by Sirhan Sirhan. 

The peace movement had continued to grow and more and more Americans were against the war in Vietnam, and once again more riots occurred throughout cities in America. 

The music scene was once again set by the "Beatles" and the "Rolling Stones" , and fashion flirted with see through blouses and midis and maxis skirts joined the Mini Skirt as part of the fashion trends. 

There is a Flu Pandemic in Hong Kong and the first Black power salute is seen on Television worldwide during an Olympics medal 
 Ref: the People History

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  1. Thank you for these facts! My mother had just graduated college and had her 1st teaching job in 1968. Her salary was MUCH less. It was between $2,000 and $2,500 a year! She had to really stretch her pennies as a single girl! My parents' first home a few short years later was $22,000. Wish today's cost of living could go back in time!