Thursday, July 7, 2016

*REVIEW* WellieWishers Clothing for Girls - Willa

The first picture is of my three girls modeling some of the socks, the wellies (size 8/9), and Willa's t-shirt for girls (size 6). Of course Emerson, Willa and Maryellen joined in the photo! My eldest is 6.5 years old and wears size 2.5 shoes.  My middle daughter is newly 3 years old and wears size 9 shoes.  My third daughter is almost 2 and wears size 7 shoes.  The socks are accurate for the size range 9-2.  

The socks and wellies are very popular with my kids; they just love them!  Even my son tried on Camille's blue and green socks ;)  The socks are a little on the thin side, so I have the feeling I'll be darning the socks in the future. I'm hoping the kids will get decent use out of them.  I think the $20 price for the 5-pack of socks and the $26 price for the wellies are reasonable.  I've paid similar prices for other novelty socks and rain boots.   

The rain boots will cause your kid's feet to sweat!  Notice the moisture built up in the shoe.  I'm surprised the socks and boots don't go up another size.  I'd imagine that many 6-8 year old girls have shoe sizes bigger than a size 2.

Now on to Willa's t-shirt for girls.  I purchased a size 6, hoping it would fit both my 6.5 year old daughter and my 3 year old daughter.  According to the AG website size chart, the size 6 shirt should fit a girl about 48" tall, which is the height of my 6.5 year old.  For comparison purposes, I can let you know my 6.5 year old daughter is 48" tall and weighs 60lbs.  She's in the 75% for both height and weight.  She is AG's "targeted" age group for the WellieWishers.  However, the shirt barely fits my eldest daughter.  She had a difficult time getting the shirt over her head. The shoulders are narrow, and if she lifts her arms up she exposes a lot of belly.

The shirt fits very well on my 3 year old daughter. And it even fits pretty well on my nearly 2 year old daughter!  So as far of the clothes go, it seems like they are really more targeted to the 3-6 year range, which I think is also true of the socks and boots. 

I think the price of the girls clothes is very high.  Paying $26 for a kid's t-shirt is a lot to me.  This shirt was a special treat for our daughters to celebrate that my eldest just finished kindergarten and my middle daughter is going into preschool.  I figured that all of my daughters would be able to use it, which helped justify the cost (a little), though I think a $20 price would be much more reasonable (and attainable) and a $15 price would be perfect! 


  1. Cute clothing! I always wondered about the quality of AG clothing and whether or not it is worth the price for girls who may be rough on the clothes...does it stand the test of time. I am really picky about that. Hopefully you will let us know about the durability since this is an outdoor play kind if line. I am even starting to question the quality of the dolls clothing nowadays and whether that will hold up over years and years of play like my dolls did.

    1. Willa's shirt is the second article of clothing we've purchased from AG. The first was the Purple Posie shirt to match Bitty Baby's outfit. ( We bought it last August (?) when it was on sale for $18 in a size 6x. My eldest was able to wear it for about four months before the shoulders became too tight, then it was passed down to my then 2 year old daughter. Between the two of them it's been worn about 20 times and still looks new. My biggest issue with AG clothing (all two pieces I'm familiar with) is that AG uses non-stretch cotton. Like a t-shirt from the 80s, both the Purple Posie shirt and now Willa's shirt are very thick cotton with no give to it whatsoever. It's very different from kids' clothing today.

    2. I was wrong, we also bought the Sweet & Sunny swimsuit on sale for $18 and love it! Purchased a size 5 for my then 2 year old. She'll be able to wear it for the year. It's beautiful, colorful, modest, well-made with lining in both the top and the entire bottom. She's worn it about 15 times and it still looks new (mostly in fresh/salt water). This was absolutely worth $18.

  2. Thank you for the review. Your models are adorable!

  3. I buy all the American Girl Brand Clothesfor Girls. They could improved 100 percent for the price. We just sewed Lea 22.00 slippers back together for a sleep over only been worn 5 or 6 times. Because,she has lots of other slippers. I never dry stuff just air dry to extend the life. I love the Return and Exchange policy. Over all quality is good, but could be improved to match price. Still love everything American Girl Brand