Monday, July 18, 2016

*FEATURE* A 60s Summer - 1964

Cost of Living 1964

Average Cost of new house $13,050.00  
Average Income per year $6,000.00 
Gas per Gallon 30 cents  
Average Cost of a new car $3,500.00 
Loaf of bread 21 cents 
United States Postage Stamp 5 cents  
Average Monthly Rent $115.00  
Ticket to the movies $1.25

1964 as the war in Vietnam and US Congress Authorizes war against N Vietnam more American servicemen were dying, and after three civil rights workers were murdered in Mississippi the president signed the Civil Rights act of 1964 but this did not stop the violence as it continued to increase in many American Cities. 

Lyndon Johnson was also returned to power after a landslide victory. 

This was also the year The Beatles took the world and America by storm and Beatlemania went into overdrive as they released a series of number one hits including "I want to hold your hand" , "All my Loving" . 

Other British groups also found success including The Rolling Stones and The Animals and together with the American Talent of The Supremes and Bob Dylan many say this was one of the greatest years for music in the last century. 

Also one young loud talented boxer by the name of Cassius Clay won the Boxing World heavyweight championship from Sonny Liston. 
Ref: the People History 

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  1. Don't forget that only a few short weeks before the beginning of 1964, our president was killed (on November 22, 1963). That violent act could have threatened the stability of the nation, but it did not. We held together.

    I think some of the impact that the Beatles had a few months later when they appeared on Ed Sullivan was because they brought joy and laughter to our grieving hearts.

    I turned 9 years old that year, and I remember it well.