Friday, July 22, 2016

DIY - Melody's Motown Recording Studio (Interior)

As we get closer to Melody's launch, I am VERY CURIOUS about the recording studio within her collection.

My good friend Eileen of PlanetAG4U has made her own way ahead of time to be ready for Melody's arrival. Her Motown Sound Studio is AMAZING!

  In anticipation of Melody's arrival I couldn't wait to start a room for her so I took to the challenge using mostly items I already had.
In this overview photo I used scrapbook paper for floors and walls with some colored construction paper for pops of color. The sound booth is a box that I cut up to leave an opening for entry and a cut out on the side and used a piece of plastic packaging for the see through window. For lighting I used the Locker LED Lights, peel and stick. They are at least 8 ft. long and are battery operated.

The wall art if a print from Google images trimmed in washi tape, the wall lamp is from Dollar Tree and the little side table are wood boxes from the Target Dollar Spot. Accessories in the table is a newspaper, records and on top some chips and a Hires root beer for snacking. The red wood chair was a thrift store find.

The recording console is a box covered with contact paper and the wall reel to reel controls is a Google image.

In the tall wood shelf, found at TJ Maxx, are music books, maracas, a harmonica, a Charles Chips tin, and an image of a stack of tapes in boxes. On the wall next to the piano is an instrument holder and the conga drums is an image. The microphones happened to be gifted to me and it worked out just perfect for the dolls.

On the far right wall I have a makeshift piano, which the keyboard I acquired from a toy, and place on a wooden box. The wall clock is an image glued onto a tambourine found at a thrift store. I have some 1960 goodies (Bazooka gum and some Good & Plenty candy) in a dish. 

The guitar is AG and the music stand is a DIY made from a My Froggy Stuff tutorial. The photo strip on the wall is from Hobby Lobby and I inserted Google images relating to Motown. The portable cassette deck next to the piano is a box with an image and a tiny straw as a handle.

All in all I had lots of fun putting this room together as I am partial to the 1960's era and again using creativity with decor I've had and repurposed throughout my years in crafting for American Girl Dolls. I hope you enjoy this room and hopefully I can inspire you to make your own.

Have fun AG crafting!


  1. Wow fantastic job! What creativity you have! Love the studio it is awesome! I am totally amazed. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow! This looks great. You are certainly talented. You could give AG a reason to upgrade their studio design set and pricing. Alas, I am not as creative so I would have to buy the overpriced option in August. Maybe you can apply to AG as a design specialist advisor. I know I would appreciate your talent.

  3. How great is this! I want one, too! So very detailed. Madelon


  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I love putting together these rooms and have such great fun researching and trying to make things with what I have at home. I too can't wait to see her entire collection and pick out my favorites to add to our doll house.

  6. This is so awesome I can hardly stand it! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Great job!

    ginnie /