Monday, June 13, 2016

*TOUR* Modern Doll Spaces

This space is made up of two levels and three rooms. Seven dolls share this space so there's not much room to move around. 

The ground floor is where the office is. The desk is My Life As...

Nicolette is a Positively Perfect Divah Doll and Chavonne is a Journey Girl doll.

Also there's a small living room. The dresser is from Hobby Lobby. The chairs and end table are DIY. The skateboards are from Dollar Tree. The entire space is 54" wide by 18" in depth.

 Hudson is a Designa-Friend doll and Samuel is a custom Bitty Twin.

Upstairs is the kitchen / dining area. The sink/stove unit is DIY. I haven't found anything to replace it yet.

The cabinet and table are thrifty finds, the chair is from Hobby Lobby. Saige is an AG GOTY13 doll.

My Life As...Dive Instructor doll.

The refrigerator is Fisher Price, the food are miscellaneous finds and DIY.

Sissy is a custom Bitty Twin.
The entire space is 54" wide by 12" in depth.


  1. Great job Rhonda! Love your DIY items!

  2. Where are the new Bitty Twins? Steven and Stephanie?

    1. I'm still working on their playroom.

  3. Love all your DIY!! This looks awesome! I love the little refrigerator! :)

    ginnie /