Friday, June 24, 2016

*REVIEW* WellieWishers Camile & Willa

Camille fresh out her box!

Holding her wellies.

Willa is my favorite and she has been flying off the shelves.

Willa with her hair loose looking for a friend.

 Back of the hair, you really have to wet it and play with it to give it form.

 Nice vinyl body, nice weight.

 Extra princess outfit. Fits nicely and easy to put on.

Camille with the  mermaid accessories - goes over skirt.

Mix and match - love this look!


  1. Thank you for posting these, Diana! Camille and Willa are such cuties. I like seeing these girls in action. How is the range of motion on the Wellie Wishers? Similar to AG dolls? From the promo pictures it looked like their heads could be tilted.

  2. Thanks for the review! It's good to see u can change the hair a bit on Willa since one other review I read today sounded like you were stuck with pony tails. I LOVE her little binocs! Is the hair on the WW's rooted or wigged?

  3. I'm also curious, like Belle, but I especially want to know if their hair is the same quality as the rest of the AG dolls! Is it?! :D Thanks for posting this, I'm really glad to seem them non-stock photo-ed!

  4. I'm curious about the hair quality too - does Willa have a lot of product in her hair? (I read another review that said she does.)

  5. All the Wellie Wishes have the same quality wig as the 18 inch dolls. Very good hair easy to take care of and as always wet it before you brush it. Also since Willa comes with pony tails her hair in the back has a lot of short hairs so as not to show the wig. when I wet it and styled it to come forGether in the back the short hairs get hidden. As far as movements the head is stiff to turn and tilt but I am sure with use it will loosen up. The arms and legs just go up and down no joint, take a close look at the undressed doll and you can see how the arms and legs join the torso. They are very simply made and are meant for small children place. Camille has fallen a couple of times and no scratch is on her. It is truly a play doll.

    1. I love that mu Daughter can throw hers in the bath tub with Her. A Dream come true, Hope-Faith loves combing Ashlyn's hair.

  6. Diana, I did the same thing with my Willa - took her hair down ^_^. But I didn't use anything on it - just kept finger rolling it until I got it the way I wanted it. She is so cute! I also like the little mermaid skirt on Camille w/her little set. Thanks so much for sharing ^_^

  7. Thank you for the review. I have a lone freckle near my eye just like Camille so I love that little detail. These dolls are simply made but I am pleasantly surprised by how detailed the line of clothing is and accessories are just amazing to look at. Do you know if American Girl will add more outfits to this line in the fall for the seasonal change, or will it always have a spring summer theme?

  8. Thank you for the look at Camille and Willa. Of course, Willa is my favorite - not because of her features, but because of those adorable hedgehogs on her outfit. Plus her love of animals. I like the others too. It would be nice if they sold the meet outfits separately. I'd be happy to buy Ashlyn, Emerson, or Kendall and change the outfit.

    Love the mix and match outfit you made. I wasn't fond of that skirt until I see it here. However, I am loathe to pay more than $7 for a tank top for me...$10 for a doll is hard to grasp right now. :-D

    Thanks again, Diana!

  9. 20.00 for this 60 Doll a pair of PJ'S is hard. Will have to tie it to something special so Hope-Faith and Ashlyn has a good reasons to have Matching PJ'S has to be special a party or Something.