Tuesday, June 28, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Retro - First Class Chic Outfit

(An earlier post from Jen)
A Madame Alexander doll is modeling the First Class Chic. It looks like a suit that Jackie Onassis would have worn. It's made of a nice thick material, very similar in quality to Grace's travel coat. The buttons are functional, but it mostly closes with Velcro. 

The pillbox hat doesn't quite fit on the head, and easily falls off. I think this outfit would benefit with tights,  I will have to add some. 

Again, the shoes did not fit, but I borrowed a pair of Samantha's meet shoes to make do. The wristlet gloves are so dainty. I have no idea why OG decided to use gold vinyl material on the purse here--once again, it seems to clash with the time period. There are small holes that would allow for a chain, so I'm going to attach one as I have extra gold-tone chains from repairing Samantha's original meet purse.

Overall I'm quite happy with this outfit. I definitely recommend it for anyone who likes the retro line!

--Jen G


  1. I bought this outfit because it was similar to a blue suit that I wore in the 60's. Also it reminded me of Jackie O. I was disappointed in the way it fit on my A G doll. The hat did not fit at all, but I looked at how it was made and decided I could easily make the hat. I finally took the outfit back to Target.

  2. I like this outfit, but agree that the hat is a problem. Madelon