Sunday, June 19, 2016

*Reader Photos* Doll Space

After seeing your tours of your doll space, I was inspired to share my own. It is the finished half of the attic in my family's condo, and is accessed by a built-in ladder. I rigged up a pulley system with an empty laundry basket for transport up and down, and set up the attic with a small section for each doll. 
In the center are the two DIY tables. Three of the six Pleasant Co dolls had a rectangular table, and the other three had round ones, so I just made one of each for the dolls to share. The blue-and-white dishes on the rectangle table are my own attempts at pottery (I stink at it), and the white ones on the round table are from my great-great-aunt. They even came with silverware! The wicker chair came from a doll show, and is my stand-in for Samantha's chair. I plan to make chairs for the others at a later date.

Felicity's area is in the far corner, since she has the biggest bed. Behind the bed is my DIY travel trunk (thanks for the tutorial). Decorating Felicity's summer hat is on my priority list!

Next to Felicity in the middle of that wall is Samantha. Her bed and trunk are DIY, but her desk came from the same doll show I found Samantha herself at. On the bed (which was made following another great LADL tutorial) are Clara the DIY doll, Bitty Bear as Samantha's teddy bear, and Jip, a Beanie Baby. (I know Jip was a Cocker Spaniel and not a Chihuahua, but this guy was too cute to resist.)

Kirsten has the opposite corner, next to Samantha. Her bed, like the others, is DIY, (thank you for the tutorial and printable). The bedding is made from old pillowcases. Caro the puppy is another Beanie Baby.

Josefina occupies the middle of the next wall. Her bed is the only one I did not make; it came from a yard sale for $5. I did make the bedding. As of now, she has no storage, so her clothing is under the bed. Poor Josie!

Molly's space is next to Josefina. I have not made her trunk yet, but I haven't made much of her clothing yet either, so storage is not a problem at the current time. Mini Molly (a Christmas gift from long ago) plays Nurse Katharine in a homemade outfit.

Addy's space is closest to the attic's entrance. I do not have Addy yet, but I have most of her clothes. The meet outfit was an EBay find. Sunny's cage came from Hobby Lobby, while Sunny himself is a DIY, as is Ida Bean.

Under a human-sized chair is the bed for Martha, my Bitty Baby. Her outfit was found at a thrift store nearby. To the right is my mini artificial Christmas tree for Dolliday celebrations, and to the left (not pictured) is extra furniture, including the bunk bed I made for Lydia (A Girl for All Time) and Clementine when I get her.

Finally, the wall between Addy's area and the attic entrance is where I store extra clothes and blankets. I am not very organized, can you tell?
I hope you like my tour. I and my family will soon be making a local move, and I plan to make a setup more like yours in the new house, with each doll having her own room on a custom set of shelves. I decided to take pictures of this attic before everything gets packed up. Enjoy!


  1. Rosie, I really enjoyed looking at your doll space. You did an amazing job with all of the DIYS. Kirsten and Felicity are two of my favorites.

  2. How cool! I'd love to do that in a large space like yours, but unfortunately, I have to be satisfied with a couple shelves in my closet.. :D
    ~ Light4thelord
    P.s. :D Here's my doll space that I was inspired to do from LADL too!

  3. Thank you! Do you have any suggestions for how to make Sombrita, Josefina's goat?

    1. Rosie, thank you for sharing your doll space; it is amazing! Your love for your dolls shines through each and every thing you've made for them. As to Sombrita, look up Wren*feathers/ sewing and crafting for dolls website.
      She posted on March 10,2016 about the kids being here and offers a free pattern for making a goat kid. It's just adorable. Hope this helps. Good luck with your move!

    2. Thanks!

  4. You've made such a nice space for your dolls. All of your DIY projects came out great. I wouldn't have known they were DIY. I hope you can add Addy to your collection soon!

  5. Very nice Rosie! DIY projects are always so much fun. I love your creativity, and Rhonda does a great job in guiding us!

  6. Addy Walker will be so happy once She comes to live with You. You have created her a wonderful space.