Sunday, June 26, 2016

*Reader Photos* Alice Ephemera - Hornbake Library, UMD

Haven't had enough Alice.

I found out that a library at the University of Maryland has an exhibit about books and Alice ephemera so I had to check it out.
This is the Hornbake Library at UMD.

Outside the exhibits they had 11 posters asking which Alice in Wonderland character you were.

I hadn't realized how many worldwide translations of Alice there were. So much artwork on covers and inside these books

If Addy were Alice. 

If Julie was Alice with a modern Queen of Hearts. 

She wears a black polka dot hair bow. 

The AG hearts dress is a modern Queen of Hearts look.

Rebecca as Alice with rabbit.

Kirsten as Alice with the Mock Turtle.


  1. Addy's gorgeous in her Alice dress! I just got Addy, and love seeing other's photos of her! :D
    <3 , IrishAG

  2. Very nice pictures of your versions of Alice. Love the pictures of Addy and Rebecca.

  3. Addy's dress and apron/pinafore are gorgeous! Love the color on her and the eyelet detail is lovely.

  4. So many fun variations of Alice!! I really love Addy as Alice - her pinafore is so pretty. Just as I loved your original posting of your tea party - it was so lovely! Thank you Madelon ^_^

  5. Great post and photos the girls look great in their Alice attire. And a happy un-birthday to you!

  6. Thanks, everyone. You are all too nice! Madelon

  7. Wish I had known this was on display! I would have made hubby take me to see this wonderful art. I'm long gone from the area, but I guess I should pay more attention at the welcome areas.