Thursday, May 5, 2016

*REVIEW* My Friend Cayla, Talking Doll

Due to multiple requests from LADL readers for different doll reviews, I've asked my friend Sheryl to do a review of her Cayla doll.

My Friend Cayla - Review by Sheryl Hagan-Booth

My Friend Cayla is an 18 inch play doll that originated in the United Kingdom but is now available world-wide.  The one we have is a blond-haired, blue eyed interactive doll that operates with the help of Bluetooth technology.  She also comes in two other darker skin tones. According to the Cayla website, “Some functions such as searching for information may require an Internet connection. However most of Cayla’s conversational features can be accessed offline. Cayla can play games, read stories, and show her photos all offline.”

My daughter received Cayla in 2015 and has loved playing with her both on and off her Ipad and my iPhone.  Cayla reads stories, shares photos pertaining to her life and even answers simple questions my daughter asks the doll. 

 Cayla does not move, but speaks though a talk box located in her chest cavity.  Bluetooth can be activated with the on/off switch on her back and requires three triple A batteries to function.  She picks up voices via the heart necklace-speaker permanently located on her neck.  My daughter also adored (as did I) her British accent!

Cayla comes with a denim jacket, white top with pink bow applique, pink skirt, blue leggings, plastic painted pink sneakers, mirror and brush.  The clothing closes with non-snag Velcro-type closure.  She can wear traditional sized 18” doll clothing as she has a wider body size.  Slim 18” doll clothing does not fit her.  Her entire body is made of molded plastic and stiff.  She can stand on her own quite well.  

Cayla has minimal paint on her face, which gives her an innocent child-like image that kids will love.  Her rooted hair is not the highest quality, but good for minimal brushing.  It does start to split and frizz after a few months of brushing.  A good use of wig conditioner helps minimize this in my opinion.  It seems to be thinner on top and thicker at the bottom however.

Overall, she is a nice doll.  She is available for $59.93 in the US, which is a steal for an interactive doll.  A child can have hours of endless fun with Cayla for this price for sure.  This doll would be something new and fun for your tech savvy kid to show off to both friends and family.

 "Josefina teaches Cayla, Amethyst and Persephone how to make her famous homemade guacamole to celebrate Cinco De Mayo."

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