Saturday, May 7, 2016

*REVIEW* Melody's Stuffed Elephant

A few months ago I bought an American Girl elephant on ebay and couldn't figure out who it went to. It was from a China seller and there was no identifying info about it. It was an elephant, it was cute, so I didn't care much that I didn't know. Fast forward several weeks and I saw the same elephant when they did the CBS this Morning feature about Melody. You can see it sitting next to her when she is in bed wearing her pajamas.

The color is pretty true in most of the photos, it's a little light in a few with the doll because of the light. It is pretty much dead on in the measurement photo. 

The blue fabric is polyester, but soft and smooth. It really feels like polished cotton, like you use for quilting. The pattern is woven into the fabric so it is smooth. The ribbon polyester too. But feels like satin. 

The ribbon is stitched under the neck and at the bow so that can't be untied and removed. 
The tail and ears are just fabric, no stuffing in them. The rest of the elephant is stuffed with fiberfill (stuffing). Nothing hard about it at all. So the whole thing is soft and cuddly. 
The eyes and lashes are embroidered on with black thread. 

For such a small toy the detailing the sewing pattern is good. There are are separate pieces to form the top of the head, the way they cut the fabric to make the trunk curl, the underside has a separate piece to make the stomach, the darts to make the ears stand out and give them shape, the feet and side on the outside are one piece, but underneath there is a separate piece for the inside of each foot. 
My daughter says it is cute. LOL

Note: no confirmation this elephant will be in Melody's collection.


  1. It's adorable but for the size I couldn't justify paying more than $5 for it. I saved a bunch of tiny stuffed animals from the Build a Bear McDonalds happy meals. My dolls use those instead. And also, I wish American Girl would stop with the obnoxious tags.

  2. You have a good eye. This elephant is so adorable. The fact that it will be available soon as part of Melody's collection is even better. Thanks for the review.

  3. My daughter loves elephants. She is expecting her first child, a baby girl. There will be elephants in her future. Thank you for your review.

  4. That is adorable!! Can't wait to get it in July!!

  5. I am in love. Can't wait to get it in August.

  6. The Chinese ebay sellers who sell brand new never released AG items - where are they getting it from? Are they factory rejects - are they stolen - it cannot be sanctioned by AG that these sales happen.

  7. What American Girl Doll did you use during the photo shoot with Melody's possible new toy? She is beautiful!