Tuesday, May 31, 2016

*REVIEW* Casual Summer Looks for Dolls - OG, MLA

New outfit for Lea, OG accessories and My Life As...shoes. 

Vienna in a OG pineapple dress.

Bathing suit My Life As.....OG accessories.

New outfits Lea wears My Life As...Mermaid Splash outfit and the Latte pjs are Just Like Me Justice.


  1. They all look cute! The AG PWP had not made it to DC as of mid last week. Madelon

  2. That mermaid splash outfit intrigues me, I'm almost considering buying it.

    1. I have mermaid splash outfit but haven't tried it on an AG doll yet. Sometimes the My Life As pants don't fit. Diana, are the pants an easy fit? Madelon