Monday, May 30, 2016

*NEWS* Doll Diaries Retirement - Open Letter to Char

Dear Char, Doll Diaries-
Your retirement announcement was read today with much sadness. Doll Diaries has been so much a part of the doll community, motivating doll lovers everywhere to engage in play time, no matter what their age. 


LADL attended camp in 2013 and had the honor of working alongside Doll Diaries during 2014 Camp Doll Diaries. This afforded us many fun memories having participated in a creative outlet with our dolls. What fun it was to see everyone's projects and photo stories!

Doll Diaries has always supported many many doll blogs, groups and clubs throughout the years, all with a level of professional conduct that I have always personally appreciated.

Doll Diaries is and always will be a trusted source for doll lovers everywhere. 

Good luck to you and THANK YOU for TEN YEARS! Doll collectors and Doll Diaries fans will stop by often to reference articles, reviews and showcases from over the years. You will be missed!

God bless you and your family,
Rhonda, LADL


  1. So Doll Diaries is gone??? :(

    1. No, more like a slow down, take a break, host the posts thing

  2. I will truly miss Doll Diaries, besides Living A Dolls Life, it was one of my favorites! Rhonda, thank you for your tribute to Doll Diaries!

  3. Goodbye to Doll Diaries! We will miss it, and we are sad that there is no camp this year. :(

    ginnie /