Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy Birthday Samantha - A look at Her Clothing Collection

Today is Samantha's birthday. Here is a look at her clothing collection as modeled by her friends.

Samantha picking flowers on her birthday.

 Samantha's clothing collection.




  1. You did a lovely job! Hope to find her Scenes and Settings at a reasonable price someday soon! I want the gazebo, too, but where to put it? Madelon

    1. I feel the same way. I love the decorations used for Samantha time period. The ice cream parlor setting with all the treats looks amazing. I wish the gazebo was a little better when it comes to storage, but very cute.

  2. I love all these photos! The scenery and set-ups are so gorgeous. My favorite outfit in the lineup has to be her sailor dress. And Caroline looks stunning in her biking outfit!

    Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

  3. The girls look lovley! I think we are all in love with Samantha's Scenes and Settings.

  4. Adorable photos! All of the girls look so pretty in all of their Samantha style fashion! :)

    ginnie /