Monday, May 23, 2016

*FEATURE* Wonderland Theme

If you're a lover of anything whimsical, magical and imaginative then you are more than likely a fan of Wonderland! The vivid colors, abstract themes and fun characters make it a unique place to explore.

Alice was my first dramatic role at age nine and my first Madame Alexander doll, so Wonderland has always been a special place for me.

These are some of the craft projects we made for a party a few years ago when I had my Princess Party biz. This was an Alice themed Mad Tea Party at a local orphanage, we had 20 kids (boys and girls) in attendance. The staff got into the fun and dressed up a little as well. 90 minutes of FUN!

These projects can be scaled down to size of course, "Black Ace" and "Red Mr. Three" were made from poster boards....doll size would require 3x5 note cards. And don't forget to incorporate a real deck of cards.

Artificial flowers with googly eyes...these are red roses of course. "Painting the roses red...."

Crazy direction signs!

A clock or many different clocks in several colors using numbers and roman numerals.

 I painted all of the decorations you see here, but you can print characters from google and size them to doll scale.

Over the next week LADL will feature Wonderland inspired craft ideas, DIY projects and wrap it all up with a Wonderland Tea party.


  1. Aww how nice!I absoutly adore alice and wonderland!-Sophie

  2. Adorable! I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland! Looks like you made those kid's day! :)

    ginnie /

  3. So cute Rhonda! My son and I were in this show a few years ago where I created all of the costumes as well - what a blast that was! I keep wanting to re-create it - doll style ^_^! So I am looking forward to your series - Yippee!

  4. So fun! Madelon