Tuesday, April 12, 2016

*REVIEW* Victorian Dresses - Hobby Lobby

New at Hobby Lobby are these two Victorian Outfits by Marigold Market Doll Shop. 

The burgundy outfit has a hat, parasol and dress. They fit very snuggly.  

You have to carefully get the dolls hands into the sleeves and work the sleeves up the dolls arm.  

As you can see on Samantha, the Velcro shows in the back.
My Samanthas' are Pleasant Company and slightly wider around their middles.


The other has 4 pieces, a skirt, blouse, parasol and hat.

I wish the outfits were about one half or even one quarter inch larger around the middle and arms.  That being said, I love the clothes and will keep them.  The parasols are for looks only as they do not open and the hat with the black feather just sits on the doll's head. 

Although it still is a tight fit, my newer dolls, Caroline and Lea  seem to fit into the outfits a little better.  The price for these are $12.99 plus tax, but with a 40% coupon and tax, each outfit came to $8.43.


  1. I have the blue one and it looks gorgeous on my Samantha!

    1. It looks a lot like Amelia's party dress from A Girl for All Time, only blue not pink.

    2. These would be too big for A Girl for All Time dolls, but yes the similarity is correct!!!!

  2. Beautiful dresses. I may have to buy them.

  3. Linda, did you buy these at the store? I can't find them online.

  4. My Hobby Lobby is about 20 miles away but it will be worth the trip to get these two pretty gowns.

  5. These are absolutely GORGEOUS! The red one has such a gorgeous color!

    Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

  6. Lovely outfits, very suited to the dolls. :)

  7. These look fantastic. I wish we had stores closer to us. The nearest Hobby Lobby is over an Hour away!

  8. These look great. The blue is my favorite. My Hobby Lobby is also an hour away. Madelon

  9. Yes, I bought them at the store. They are new and only had one of each outfit. I sure hope they make more historical outfits!

  10. These are so beautiful! I envy those with a Hobby Lobby nearby. Sadly we are in Canada, and there is no such thing here. Your dolls will be the talk of the town! :) <3

    ginnie / fakingitmostly.com