Saturday, April 2, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Sweet Strawberry Outfit

"Cute as a strawberry." 

It has one pair of overalls, one sleeveless shirt, patterned with dragonflies, one pair of sunglasses, one strawberry shaped purse and one pair of rubber shoes (red with white toes).

 The overalls do not Velcro, but actually have buttons and buttonholes, a nice change.



  1. I am waiting for the new line to hit the East Coast! Madelon

  2. I like Madelon can not wait for the new items to hit the east coast, it seems like forever for the distribution to come east. We just got the ice cream truck accessory in one Target yesterday. Thank you Linda for Keeping us informed. Diana

  3. Such a cute outfit. OG have some lovely clothes for dolls. :)