Tuesday, April 5, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Doll, Nahla

Nahla a friend for Melody, she is very pretty and I love her hair.

She comes with lots of items for a vegetable garden.

Her beautiful hair out of the ponytails. 

Gorgeous eyes.

Nahla makes friends easily.

Lea joins the new girls with her new hiking outfit.


  1. Diana, She is BEAUTIFUL! I look at her every time I go to Target. I just bought A G Addy and am afraid to touch her hair. Nahal looks great with her hair down. Will it be hard to fix after she's played with?

  2. I love her hair! Madelon

  3. Hi Linda Her hair is soft do not brush just spray water and handle gently. Diana

  4. In the book Nahla is very shy, and it is hard for her to make friends.

  5. I'm such a bad doll mommy. I bought Nahla when she fit hit stores and she's still in the box. I LOVE the stories that come with OG dolls. I wish they would make them available separately.

  6. Maybe we could call or write to suggest selling the books separately.

  7. Nahla is very pretty (especially the hair) but I wish OG would go for more subtle face sculpts. The ultra-wide eyes give her a crazy-eye look and the bubblegum pink lips and cheeks don't enhance her features at all.