Saturday, April 9, 2016

*REVIEW* Addy's BF School Outfit

 I just got Addy and her School outfit in time for her birthday which is April 9.  

Samantha is wearing Addy's Meet outfit and Addy is in her school
outfit.  The cake is from OG Bite to Eat Diner.  


Momma made this beautiful outfit for Addy’s spelling bee at school. It includes:
  • A sky-blue peplum jacket with bell sleeves and a white Peter Pan collar
  • A bell skirt with black trim to match the jacket
  • A pair of matching black velvet ribbons on hair combs

The couch ( Settee ) is Rebecca's and the fireplace is Caroline's Parlor.


  1. I have Addy's school outfit. I think it is very nice and well made. Addy is a beautiful doll and she looks great in this outfit.

  2. Great set up! I love this outfit and could not believe AG could make such a beautiful outfit such as this. I almost lost hope. I actually was hoping they would also make simliar school outfits for Samantha and Josefina since they retired both of their school outfits. But, no such luck yet. School is such a major theme in theor stories because education is not always available to girls in other countries and was the case in the US for women and girls until the late 1800s and early 1900s when public education came into effect for the working class. The upper class and the wealthy had finishing schools and girls could have their families pay for them to attend colleges like Oberlin, Vassar, Wesleyan, Spelman, and Smith etc. Hopefully, AG will continue the trend for making school outfits to honor the Beforever character doll's stories and collections.

  3. We have this outfit, too. Love how your Addy looks. Madelon

  4. Thank you. I think both dresses are lovely.

  5. Nice party! The girls look lovely and the treats look tasty.