Friday, April 29, 2016

*NEWS* AG Outlet in Wisconsin - Closing

Photo credit: Healthfulsaver

The AG Oshkosh Outlet store is reportedly closing July 27.

Mary contacted American Girl about the closing and their reply was:  The decision to close the American Girl Outlet was based on our changing business dynamics as it relates to the way we liquidate merchandise. In addition to managing inventory more efficiently, we now have a robust e-commerce site, 20 U.S. retail locations, and international locations in Canada and Mexico, making it unnecessary to liquidate our merchandise via an outlet store.

LADL is investigating this story and will hopefully have more info to share soon.

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  1. My dreams honestly have dissipated. I wanted to go so badly. But I guess in a way it is good news because it means that AG is getting their sales back up.

  2. Now they sell the clear outs, inferior and overstock items to everyone online and call them package deals. It's all about the marketing. We wouldn't accept half this stuff if it didn't have an AG logo.