Thursday, April 28, 2016

*In Store Report* Bitty Twins & Bitty Baby - AGP DC

The Bitty Twin display, (soon to retire).

Bitty Baby!!

Pwp is sold out in DC store.


  1. Was this a new PWP, or was it the same one as last month. The white gown and bonnet for Bitty keeps selling out online. Some stores show them as unavailable already.

  2. They said it was a pair of pajamas from two years ago that they brought back. AGDC said they were selling them in March. Madelon

  3. When I went a few weekends ago, they were selling the Purple Peacock PJs as the PWP. I got a set because I got a doll for my cousin's daughter and I thought a pair of pajamas would be good for a second outfit for her new doll.