Friday, April 22, 2016

*In Store Report* AG NEX - Pensacola, FL.

It's very small.  Only two end caps and one book rack.  

No Truly Me, Bitty Twins nor Bitty Babies.  Only Lea and Historical dolls and clothes.


  1. Does anyone know if these are at the BX's on Air Force Stations? Why only the Navy?! lol

  2. That is so nice for families who serve.

  3. My husband was in the Navy, so that's why we know about the Nex. I think you can order them online through the Nex. I am pretty sure if the Navy has them that any larger PX or BX would have them too.

  4. Wh is Addy's box a different shade of pink? April

    1. That's what I was wondering. I know there is a sheet at stores showing all of Addy's collection except for her school outfit, Christmas dress, accessories,and doll herself is retiring. I wonder if she will be sold as an exclusive somewhere such as Costco?

  5. Did you see there is also a $70 off promo when you spend $700 on NEX? I'm thinking about getting 2 of Lea's rainforest Huts, because you can't use the birthday coupons on it. 2 Huts for $639 - no tax, no shipping. The way AG has been throwing curve balls at us the last few months with their sales- with my luck, they'd have her Hut go on sale after I buy it from NEX, lol.