Saturday, April 9, 2016

*In Store Report* Addy - AGP Miami

This is currently what's available from Addy's collection.

Addy's Sunday Dress.


  1. I love Addy's clothes. I just wish they would sell shoes with them.

  2. I agree. Madelon

  3. Addy is such a cutie. We don't have her yet, but she's definitely on our list!

    ginnie /

  4. I would move fast if you want to get her, as she most likely will be retiring soon. Madelon

  5. I saw the list of discontinued items stores are being given with my very own eyes and it includes almost all of Addy's collection but doesn't state her Christmas dress, accessories, and doll herself is retiring. I wonder if these will be packaged for Costco this Christmas like Caroline? Julie's car wash set and the LE sets (all the stuff we already know is retiring or has) is also listed so it's dead accurate.

    1. It's been covertly passed around. Addy's items include: lunch pail, hair styling set, table & chairs, Sunday Best, Ice Cream set, bed/bedding. Once gone - GONE