Saturday, March 5, 2016

*REVIEW* Tonner 18" Starter Dolls

The Tonner 18" dolls called My Imagination are gorgeous. They are hard vinyl and very well made.  The hair is terrific and very easy to style.

Panties and sandals.

Beautiful hair.

 She can wear other outfits.

Redhead wears 18 inch doll clothes.

Both Tonner dolls close up.


  1. They are very lovely. How do they feel? Do they have a solid feel to them like American Girl dolls? I am assuming yes because this is such a good company. Madelon

  2. Great dolls. I always enjoy your collection. Thanks for sharing and including link.

  3. Thank you Ticia I just got on Instagram and I will be sharing a lot more pixs.

    Madelon these dolls have a nice weight to them and are extremely well made. Highly recommend if you like all vinyl 18 inch dolls. Everything from AG fits them, clothes and shoes. Diana

    1. Ours just arrived yesterday (we purchased the brunette) and while I think the doll is fantastic, and she fits well in all of our AG shoes, clothing etc, I have to say I'm not all that impressed with the hair. It is not all that soft, and while it looks great when worn down, if you try to pull it back into a high ponytail the wig cap is very poorly secured and it looks terrible. Is yours this way also or did we get a bad one? I have several other Tonner dolls, mostly the 16" smaller headed dolls, and they are flawless so I was surprised when I saw this hair fiasco on our My Imagination brunette. :(

  4. Good to know about everything fitting! Tonner's deluxe 18" doll is not out yet but they are selling the whigs . I have already bought the different whigs and one of the outfits. Hopefully the doll will be out soon. She has the bendable knees (this seems to be the hold-up) and comes with 2 whigs.

  5. And for 80 dollars, that's about $35 less than a new AG!

  6. I own many Tonner dolls in all size ranges. He has made many beautiful dolls. I'm sure the quality and the wardrobe options as always will be great, but he does have a tendency to "go strange" with the eyes on some of his dolls and these are no exception imho. To me the eyes seem blank and the expressions unhappy, and the sculpt of the face more mature than it should be. I'm just objecting because he has done exquisite work in the past and these seem such a departure from that. But as they say different strokes for different folks. Maybe they are more impressive in person.