Thursday, March 31, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Noa Doll + A Fair Share at the Diner

Out of box, outfit is included.

 Close up.

Love the skates.

Pizza has six separate slices plus a pizza cutter that rolls.

Using different pieces to create a new look. I just really love this doll.

Her hair is nice and silky.

Going skating on the boardwalk with new hairdo

She is poseable and sits nicely.


  1. Such a pretty doll. I like the sweet faces of the O G dolls. The pizza and pizza cutter are a real plus. Maybe OG will sell them in a future $6.99 accessories box.

  2. There's always room for another redheaded doll in my collection. :)

  3. I so want this doll for my daughter!!! Living in Quebec, Canada, it's almost impossible to find any of the OG dolls, clothes or accessories.
    I especially love her skates!!!

  4. We got two of these Doll's gave them away with the strip dresses and Shoes with bows. The Stripped dress is too little for American Girl Dolls all the rest Fits American Girl Doll'sand we purchased for those items specifically. We always love
    the books. The Pizza with Pizza Cutter and the Skates and Jeans make this a great buy if you want to use the items specifically for your American Girl Doll.

  5. I can't tell you how much I want this doll! I really hope I see her soon!

  6. Found this doll at my local Target! She's definitely poseable: her arms and legs have wires in them and allow for small adjustments, such as bending her knees and elbows. So worth it, especially since they're on sale right now!