Monday, March 21, 2016

*REVIEW* Josefina's Hairstyling Set


I saw this on sale for cyber Monday and the price was so good that I grabbed two.  It's her Hair Styling Accessory Set. I bought two of these sets also because  I wanted Addy to have some additional ribbons and a braided hair headband with a blue ribbon to match her new meet outfit.

This set also works on any other doll with hair too, like Elizabeth who has beautiful long, thick hair that sometimes needs extra accessories to show how beautiful her hair is. I feel that this is AGs way of making fans feel better because Josefina does not have a lot of clothes in her collection anymore. 

When they retired Elizabeth, she was retired with very little too. So now I just buy extra hair sets to make up for their lack of clothing options, which is good when trying to save for Melody.

I included the latest Josefina AG DC store display window of Josefina's World.


  1. Elizabeth is so very pretty and I love her dress!

    1. Thanks Linda. She is one of my favorites. I wish she was not retired along with Felicity. Their clothes were awesome!