Thursday, March 17, 2016

*In Store Report* New Truly Me Canopy Bed - AGP DC

This special collection features an 18-inch Truly Me doll of your choice. She arrives in a full outfit, along with dozens of idea cards for imaginative doll play. Your girl can set up a dreamy bedroom for her new doll with a metal canopy bed and pretty bedding, and get her ready for bedtime in the super-cute Petals & Plaid PJ’s for Dolls.


  1. Did you happen to see how tall and wide it is?

  2. I feel so mixed about that bed. I like it, and yet I have absolutely no desire to buy it. I think that AG did a great job with the marketing, as there will be a ton of people traveling to the stores over spring break. Wonder if the Canadian and Mexican stores will have this?

  3. The bed exclusive is not available in Canada and probably not in Mexico either. It was asked on Facebook and AG responded. Diana

  4. I am wondering if after the 22nd it will be sold separately? Madelon

    1. You can buy the bed separately online for $80 dollars.