Thursday, February 11, 2016

*REVIEW* Red Hearts Ruffle Outfit for Dolls


Rebecca wears the AG Valentines outfit.

Her Truly Me™ doll will look as sweet as a bowl of candy hearts! This cheery set includes:
  • A heart-print ruffled chiffon dress
  • Red strappy sandals with hearts on the toes
  • A bracelet with hearts all the way around
  • A red elastic headband



  1. I had no idea how cute the sandals are. The heart on each shoe is such a cute touch and really makes me think twice about overlooking this outfit. Thanks for the review.

  2. I'm not sure why AG makes a summer outfit for Valentines Day when it is still winter. The temperature is in the teens where I live. This outfit is great for people who live in warm weather states but my dolls and me are all in winter clothes at this time.

  3. I agree. I thought a nice little sweater would have worked well with this, but then they would have charged more. I think their design team works in Wisconsin, so maybe they were dreaming of warmer days when they made this. Madelon

  4. I love the print of the dress. It does seem like AG Valentine dresses are more summer oriented. My only complaint about this dress is actually with the matching girls dress. The girls dress is made of polyester. I would prefer cotton.

  5. I think you are right that it would look great in cotton. Madelon

  6. Has anyone tried to pair this with Samantha's hat with the pink ribbon that comes with the pink coat? I think that with some white gloves and the lacy parasol would look nice. Closer to a tea dress for the Spring or maybe Easter.