Friday, February 12, 2016

AG Valentine "Listen to Your Heart" T-shirt

The new AG Valentine shirt.

Girls love to show friends how much they care. This set is designed for them—either to give to their friends’ Truly Me™ dolls, or to receive for their own. It features:
  • A doll tee with a glittery “Listen to Your Heart” graphic
  • A red envelope to hold the doll tee



  1. Wasn't this logo also a song in the 1990s? Such a cute shirt with a good heart smart meaning since this is also heart disease awareness month. You can also pair this shirt with Julie's original turtleneck fron her meet outfit to make it fun for winter too.

  2. Such a cute shirt! The cap sleeves are darling!!!

  3. I agree. It gives it a different look from a traditional tee. Madelon