Tuesday, January 19, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Swim Like a Fish Set

This is a new item from OG, called Swim Like a Fish $6.99.  

This set includes swim cap, goggles, and one pair of water wings. 

 I bought the set just for the water wings. Unfortunately, I could not push in one of the blow up stems. 



  1. A must have. It will go well with Lea's collection. Thanks for sharing Linda! Can't wait to see if my Target has it. Will definitely be saving up my pennies for this reasonably priced item. How did you blow up the wing? Will an air pump work?

    1. I think you can blow it up with your own air,with your mouth.

    2. Thanks, but I have a small air pump and wanted to use it. I should have been more specific.

    3. Okay, let me try again with this question. Linda, it looks like the wings are not inflated all the way...would this result be different if another device was used? Plus, it seems like the stems might be difficult and faulty if one of the stems is not closing properly. That being said do you think it is just your set, or an overall concern for this set? Because it is a great review, but not sure if I want to wrestle with the stems since I will be buying it sold for how the wings look.

  2. Was the cap hard to get on? Madelon

  3. I have this set. Haven't opened it yet, but had to have it. :)