Wednesday, January 6, 2016

*REVIEW* Lea's Rain Forest House

The stove and the lantern light up!

Close up of the stove lit up!

Close up of lantern lit up!

The window comes with a picture that pops in to give the house a rain forest background. It has a different photo on each side. You have to slide the picture in starting from the right side.

I love the bamboo desk and chair that are made out of a tree.

Here are stickers that can be stuck on bamboo posts to give an outdoor feeling.

Here is the woven basket to put supplies in along with the tiny frog and beach towel. Lea's colors are really bright and vibrant!

Lea has a parrot that likes to sit on the rail of the house. The parrot has a fuzzy texture all over its body.

There is an outdoor shower area to rinse off the sand.
On the other side of the house, Lea has a hammock to sit in and read and relax.  She can only sit in it it isn't large enough to lay in.

Her bed can moved down lower to the floor to actually sleep in.

Close up of the bed after it has been lowered.

It comes with quite a few accessories. There is a tablet with different screens that can be switched out. It has a USB cord that plugs into any of Lea's cameras. It has a case with flowers, postcards, soap for the shower, a shell chime, corn, two food skewers, fish to grill, a bowl of rice, a plate, fork and tongs. So far I really like this house I think it is well made and worth the money.


  1. Thank you Shelly for the great review. I am thinking about recreating this. Could you tell me the size of the parrot, length and circumference?

  2. Can you give us the size of the window and the parrot? Thank you.

  3. Shelly, your RF house looks great! I agree it is a great purchase and adds lots of play value. Too busy for my taste, but I still love that AG made this for Lea's collection. My favorite features are the shower, stove, food items and floor design. Too bad not real tiles, but still cute. I love that Lea can cook and explore in style. Great review!

  4. Linda the window is about 8 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches. The parrot is roughly 6 inches from beak to tail.

  5. Shelly, Thank you for this closer look at Lea's hut. It is really cool - I had no idea there was an outdoor shower! Almost makes me want to add it to my wishlist. Who knows? :) Thank you again for the closer look and review.

  6. The rain forest house and accessories are really gorgeous and the photos show it all so well. AG really seemed inspired in coming up with this concept. Imagine a getaway like this in real life. I just wish they would have come up with a new face mold to go with it.

    1. Or at least used the Marie Grace face mold. I think Marie Grace has a beautiful face but is hogging it to herself.

  7. Thanks for sharing this detailed review! Does the outdoor shower door open? Madelon

  8. This is incredible. I will get it a building my Daughter Birthday Party around it. I am considering the Aquarium Downtown for 6 to 8 Girls. It would be incredible.

  9. The white part beside the shower is just foam board so you wouldn't see the stuff behind it in my living room. There isn't a shower door.

  10. Thank you all for your kind words!! I really do like this set!!!

  11. Great review! Love all the attention to details. I think the best feature is the light-up stove. It really looks like coal embers! I also like the outdoor shower, seashell chimes, parrot and the tree trunk desk. Very cool!

  12. Thank you! Madelon

  13. Oh man I wish I had room to re create this! My doll space is limited and historicals take priority, though. Maybe I'll get the mini and make a 1/3 scale version.

  14. I look at that swing...and I can just see Jess McConnell (almost 20 now) sitting in her AG Archives room, watching Lea...and saying "That little THIEF!"
    (Not just the swing but the kayak too.)

  15. What are the chair sit dimensions?? Anyone ?? ��

  16. What are the chair sit dimensions?? Anyone??