Tuesday, January 26, 2016

*REVIEW* Kit's Scooter

Thank you Shelly for this wonderful birthday gift! I'm so touched that you would send Kit's scooter for my birthday!!

Leave it to clever Kit and her imaginative ways to turn an old orange crate, a discarded roller skate, and a little imagination into a one-of-a-kind creation—a crate scooter. Help her sail around the neighborhood delivering eggs door-to-door and snooping out the latest news. There's even a place for Grace the basset hound! Kit's scooter features:
  • Shiny wheels that roll
  • Straps that secure the doll's hands
  • A specially designed cubby and window for Grace the basset hound

 The labels are not stickers so they won't rub off. It's made entirely of durable plastic with wood grain details.

I'm so pleased with how detailed this really is. And it rolls with EASE!

My Grace is a full grown dog, but there's still enough room for her to ride along. 

Thank you again Shelly from both Kit and me!


  1. That scooter is so adorable, Kit is one creative girl coming up with that idea to make it. Kit and Grace look so precious on the scooter. What a sweet gift you were given.

  2. That is such a nice gift. Very thoughtful and sweet.

  3. You are so welcome Rhonda!!! I hope you've had a great birthday!!!!!