Wednesday, January 27, 2016

*REVIEW* Grace's Opening-Night Outfit (Retired)

Grace is so excited to wear this pretty outfit for the bakery’s grand reopening—and her French cousin Sylvie’s visit to America! It includes:
  • A shimmery sequined pink dress with a mesh overlay on the skirt and a black velveteen waistband
  • Strappy black-and-silver shoes
  • A black headband with a fluffy pink mesh fan on the side 

The feminine look of this outfit is gorgeous, delicate and girly.


Of course these shoes can be worn with any outfit.

Hate the LARGE tag, but love the fanned tulle detailed headband.

Of course this outfit is retired, but if you can find one on the secondary market or maybe, just maybe AG will have more in upcoming sales - get one! Even if you don't own's great for Valentines or birthday parties. 


  1. That is a great outfit! Madelon

  2. Do you cut the annoying AG tags off or try to hide them? I always hesitate to cut them, but they are so unsightly.

    1. I didn't cut the tag, I tucked it under several times then made sure her hair covered.

  3. So glad that you got this outfit!!! I own this Grace outfit and it is one of my personal favorites!!!

  4. I home-make most of my AG items, so tags are not a problem. However, when I do buy AG sets, I cut the tags off right away IF they can be seen when the outfit is worn or the set is set up. Tags on pillows, tags on headbands, tags on shoes--they have to go. Especially on historical outfits. I mean, Maryellen wouldn't go around with a huge tag flapping off her B-day headband, would she? (There is indeed a huge tag on Maryellen's B-day headband. I saw a video review.) Maybe if AG made 1/3 scale tags on their 1/3 scale clothes and accessories, then I might leave some tags on, even visible ones. But I don't think they're going to any time soon.

  5. This outfit is still available from AG online:

  6. Saw this one was still available in the sale section this week. I love your review, but it still doesn't scream "must have" to me.