Monday, January 25, 2016

*In Store Report* Doll Cameras for Lea - Party City

Lea's Camera

My dolls share two OG camera and a random camera from Dollar Tree. 

Party City has 1.5" doll size cameras in the party favor bins. They come in multiple colors. Some have themes, but you can find solid ones too. Buy the 12-pack $3.99 or individual ones .40c - .60c.

Just peel the character stickers off and you have a solid camera for Lea.

Other doll finds include school supplies like notepads....

Great for boy dolls and athletic teams!

You can find all of these items down the party favor aisle.


  1. I have these cameras and when you click the button, it shows a slide show.

  2. I keep forgetting the party aisle for minis will have to go look. I found a camera on eBay that is a lighter (sold to me without lighter fluid so there were no dolly accidents) and a torch. It has the old style look that requires film.